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PANABAA RELEASE was developed in Australia and is a new technique for treating the spine without any cracking.

PANABAA RELEASE can bring about pain relief, postural improvements and freedom of movement.  "Incurable" and lingering ailments disappear ...often forever. 80% of the clients only need one treatment.

Whilst the technique is used to ease stiffness and or pain in ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, hips, shoulders and skull, the PANABAA RELEASE  technique focuses primarily on the spinal column.

Although PANABAA RELEASE involves applying firm pressure to the fascia and trigger point areas of the body it will not cause damage to the nervous system, joints or soft tissue. It does not involve manipulation or "cracking" of the skeletal structure and is an alternative to chiropractic treatment or manipulative physiotherapy.

PANABAA RELEASE is very effective and results can be amazing, but it is not a miracle cure.  Some problems associated with surgery, congenital defects or severe damage to the spinal cord may be relieved but not cured. If the nerves or discs have been damaged by surgery or injury, the effects can be limited. A free physical assessment is needed before that can be determined.  Everyone is different, so each person is treated as unique.

PANABAA RELEASE really works!

Remember, If you feel no improvement after a session of Panabaa Release, you don't have to pay, so you have nothing to lose.


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