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Over the past two years, I have had three major operations on my right leg and hip. Causing severe damage to the muscles.
Since the third operation in May 2003, I have been unable to bend my right leg. This rendered my leg useless and even the most simple tasks - such as getting dressed, putting on shoes, negotiating steps, driving a car, just getting into a car - became almost impossible.
In December 2003, I was fortunate to meet Kay. After Kay spent one and a half hours performing her Panabaa Release magic on me, I could bend my knee!!
After another visit to Kay, I was able to bend even further. So much so, that I was able to drive the car for six hours on my return trip to Karratha and have been driving since then. I can now walk short distances without the aid of crutches, this was impossible before the Panabaa Release treatment.
Panabaa Release has certainly improved my quality of life.

Yours sincerely
Vic 48 7/1/04

Note (Vic had major surgery resulting in the removal of most of his right femur, right hip and all his pelvis: muscles had been attached elsewhere, I was rapt to be given the opportunity to help him)

To whom it may concern,

Twenty-two years ago while farming in Western Australia, I injured both my shoulders, the right far worse than the left. The right shoulder injury causing loss of upward movement to the point I was unable to raise my arm more than 6 inches above shoulder height.
I attended doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapist, most deciding that it was arthritis damage that was not to be repaired.
One of my son's found out about Panabaa Release through the internet and encouraged me to try it.
After my first appointment I found some improvement and pain relief. After only six visits I am able to raise both arms above my head and also now have free neck movement.
After suffering with cold feet at night, I mentioned this to Kay and she treated my legs and I now have no need of socks at night as my circulation is much improved.
I am so grateful to Kay for the much improved quality of life I now enjoy and have no hesitation in strongly recommending her treatment to anyone in need.
Kay has helped so many I personally know and corrected their individual ills.
Well done Kay you truly are a gifted lady, Keep up the good work.

Archie 24/4/03

Dear Kay,
Well it has been over 2 years now since you did Panabaa on me for my migraines and I still havent had one,which is great news for me. I wish to thank you again as only migraine sufferers know the pain they go through and to be finally rid of it is so wonderful. I fully recommend any sufferer to go to you and see for themselves .
Thank you again.
Kindest regards Keith xxx 50

WOW, what a buzz!!!! Wish I'd found you b4 my relationship broke up... I feel absolutely UNREAL.
For the first time in TWO years I was able to sleep thru the night without having to rely on my various prescription and other drugs for a chance of a good sleep. HEY PEOPLE, THIS WORKS, SERIOUSLY!! Have had probs with bones etc for yrs & migraines for to long to remember & was under loads of stress & all the rest. I've only seen Kay once and the relief IS ABSOLUTELY DEADLY. GO SEE HER. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF

Thankyou. Panabaa Release and you are marvelous.
To me Panabaa has been a lifeline. I am an ex Power Industry worker and Firefighter. In my final years of working I suffered a debilitating injury to my lower back which resulted in the complete collapse of the L 5 disc in my lower spine.
This condition left me in extreme pain and unable at times even to walk. Simple tasks like putting on a pair of socks was impossible. A condition which I endured for 5 years whilst being handballed between Doctors, Specialists, Physiotherapists and the like.
I was heavily reliant on anti-inflammatory drugs and prescription pain killers which had other side effects as well.
Then I tried Panabaa, as an alternative to the drugs and physio sessions. The changes have been nothing short of miraculous. Panabaa has released me from my dependence on Pain killing drugs and bone crunchers (Physio's and Chiropractors). And although Panabaa will not cure my collapsed disc it has given back the majority of my mobility and reduced the painful periods by 90%.
The application of Panabaa treatment, during times of severe pain, have had an almost immediate effect in reducing the pain levels and increasing my mobility. And the effects of the treatment would continue to improve my condition for days later. I still suffer pain as a result of the collapsed disc but the level of pain produced has been significantly lowered as a result of ongoing Panabaa treatments which have served to be my lifeline to a limited but near normal lifestyle.
Thankyou for touching my life with Panabaa
Regards Wolf (ICQ 55894443)

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Dear Kay,
I'm writing to thank you for the Panabaa Relief treatment that you provided on Monday, 20th September 99'. As I told you then, I have had very restricted movement in my right elbow since I badly broke it in an accident twenty-five years ago.   Last year, I overstressed it when I tried rock-climbing and ever since then, I have suffered spasms of pain every time I try to extend it or move suddenly.
After your treatment, the relief is indescribable. Although I still have restricted movement (and I always will have), the pain has gone away. I still feel some slight discomfort when I stretch it to its limit, but at least I'm no longer afraid to use my arm. Best of all, I can throw again. Again, thanks for everything,
Fondest regards
Paul 44

 Kay, You have released me from my burden of pain. I'm really feeling a hell of a lot better than when I first came to you. Thank you.
Bob  46

Kay you are amazing!!! Every time I visit you for Panabaa Treatment you find a different sore trigger point, it hurts at the time but I always leave feeling pain free. Since my car accident 4 years ago no other form of treatment has ever produced such good results and I have tried quite a few! I am convinced. I am sure that there are a lot of people out there that would benefit from your treatment.
Thank you for being so persistant, caring and concerned about my problem. You truly are a miracle worker.

Dear Kay,
Just a short note to tell you how happy I am with the PANABAA pain relief technique. After 6 years and many dollars and visits to traditional medical practices and physiotherapists along comes PANABAA and fixes my back and shoulders in a few short sessions. I am now able to move more freely, sleep though the night and be pain free at last.
I was also impressed with the professional way you informed me of what you were doing and why you were doing it, I felt very well informed and not confused at all in the way you explained things.
I would recommend you and the PANABAA technique to any one who has back and shoulder problems.
Thank you for your time and effort it was much appreciated.
Bob 48 

Hi Kay
You have done wonders for me .....:-)
For the first time in years I have freedom of movement in my neck and it does not feel tight.
Straight after the session my headache had gone and felt clearer.  And amazingly my energy level has lifted too. You must have the magic touch, I think...:-)
You have made such a difference,  I am looking forward to seeing you for my next session (lower back).
Regards, David 43

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